Nightwish lead guitarist

The last line of Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species goes like this:

“From so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been and are being evolved.”

Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution revolutionized natural science. Only the most ignorant or hopelessly compromised individual today doesn’t understand or won’t admit that evolution by natural selection drives all of organic life.

Evolution doesn’t have to be “believed.” It’s a fact.

Scientists inform their students and attempt to help the general public understand how evolution works. Sadly, the United States’ population still ranks at the very bottom of advanced countries in their basic knowledge of evolution. But now some musicians are doing their part to popularize the truth about how we and every other species of plant and animal got here. Bjork’s album Biophilia was a major breakthrough. Baba Brinkman raps about evolutionary theory. Glass Animals thank Darwin for inspiration.

But the most amazing contribution to popularizing the truth of evolution is being made by the Finnish symphonic metal band, Nightwish. Just off the “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” world tour that went on for more than a year, the sheer brilliance of this band comes through in their studio album (by the same name, Endless Forms Most Beautiful). They have released a DVD that features their epic Wembley Arena show, where the great evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins makes a live guest appearance. His voice and wisdom are featured on the album too. The DVD/CD package is called “Vehicle of Spirit”.

Please click on this link to see the official lyric video of Endless Forms Most Beautiful. Go full screen and turn the volume UP!