Evolutionary Communication

Welcome to the Evolutionary Communication Channel

We communicate to survive. No organism has been able to survive without successfully sending, receiving, and processing information internally and externally.

The channel describes how human communication evolved from the simplest forms of life on earth nearly four billion years ago all the way to the complicated challenges and opportunities we face in today’s technology-driven global Communication Age.

Topics taken up begin with an explanation of why we communicate—to survive, reproduce, and express ourselves. We then explore how we communicate—through spoken language, written language, communications technology, mass media, and social media. We also focus on what we communicate—culture, information, ideology, religion, morality, identity, and community.

The channel host—Dr. James Lull—is Professor Emeritus of Communication Studies at San José State University, California.

James Lull on
Free Thought Matters

James Lull discusses Evolutionary Communication with host Dan Barker on “Free Thought Matters”